Chicken Puppet Design Turnaround
Armatures for both chickens were created with aluminum wire, bass wood, and Propoxy putty. The Boxing Chicken was fitted with brass tubing to attach gloves onto later, and wire was attached to the Orange Chicken to serve as moveable feathery-like hands later. The puppets were then covered with foam and foam sports wrap
I decided that a towel/washcloth texture would be the perfect material to emulate little feathers on the chickens. I used a white wash cloth for one chicken but could not find the right shade of orange for the other, so I dyed a washcloth myself with things I could find at home: food coloring, paprika, and turmeric. It worked surprisingly well!
I meticulously glued and sewed the washcloth onto the chicken, the texture worked wonderfully at hiding seams
Sculpey clay and acrylic paint were used to make the eyes and three replaceable beaks, which were fitted with pins on the back so that they can stick right into the wooden head base without the need for any adhesives. Boxing gloves were made from wire and foam painted with liquid latex mixed with paint. Hand sewed stitches were added to give extra fun detail

Time-lapse of the stop-motion animation process and the finished shot

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