Inside My Head stop-motion set for my second semester Junior year film. The film is about a fly that gets stuck in a girls ear and lives inside her head. Everything was crafted with whatever I could find in my hometown bedroom after my school closed due to the covid-19 pandemic
The design for the space is a reinterpretation of the inside of one's head, with a small brain sitting inside so that the rest of the space is livable like a small, old apartment. The dome is made from cardboard and a metal clothes hanger, then paper-machéd to make it more stable. Vein details drawn with hot glue, then the inside of the dome was painted with liquid latex mixed with acrylic paint to give a fleshy feel
The wood flooring is made from cut and painted popsicle sticks with a glossy mod podge coating. Furniture is made from cardboard, with details of the vinyl record player and doorknobs made from Sculpey oven bake clay. The record player features a spoke in which a tiny clay record can rotate on for a smooth animation of the record playing music
The brain is made from strips of foam sports wrap that were tightly rolled, glued to a newspaper wad base, then painted with liquid latex and paint. Additional details like books and the small notebook with pencil were created from paper and glue
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