Apartment stop-motion set, built for my upcoming thesis film, Chicken
All the fabrication and animation of this short film was done remotely from my hometown garage due to limitations from covid-19
An alarm clock for one scene lights up with tiny fairy lights hidden inside the nightstand
Additional details like this light switch, power outlets, and door knobs were created with Sculpey clay
The walls are painted chipboard with wooden dowel backing for structure. Hardwood floors were made from painting popsicle sticks and coating them in glossy mod podge, then individually gluing each one to the animation workbench plywood topper. Furniture was made from cardboard, with details like the doorknobs, the sink, and the Kit Kat clock made from Sculpey clay. The couch was filled out with foam and upholstered in small-print cotton fabric. The fridge was made from cardboard and Sculpey clay, complete with miniature hinges so it has the ability to open
I even built the stop-motion workbench from scratch in my garage so that I could animate with the ability to use tie-downs while at home! Made from 2X4's and plywood
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